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Rhode Island’s “Reservoir Dogs”, our RI Senate Judiciary Committee….

Rhode Island’s “Reservoir Dogs”, our RI Senate Judiciary Committee….the corruption starts here…. ; that’s why they are on this committee…..for it’s potential for corruption.~ Steven Palange

Senate Judiciary Committee – email your or all the senators….tell them, “We don’t support RI Family Court Child Abuse…..or corruption within our Judicial System….and they are the cause of it! ~ Steven Palange.
Senator Cynthia A. Coyne  Chair  
Senator Stephen R. Archambault  Vice Chair  
Senator Leonidas P. Raptakis  Secretary  
Senator John P. Burke  Member  
Senator Dawn Euer  Member  
Senator Frank S. Lombardi  Member  
Senator Ana B. Quezada  Member  
Senator Gordon E. Rogers  Member

RI Supreme Court – Paul Suttell, Erin Lynch Prata & Melissa Long

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