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RI Supreme Court – Paul Suttell, Erin Lynch Prata & Melissa Long


I thought you performed fine today.

You are doing everything you said you would, by defending me in a “limited scope”.

And I appreciate, as circumstances have changed you are willing to increase the scope of your representation.

Matt, I have a unique talent for Appellate Litigation, and I am going to convict the RI Supreme Court, the RI Family Court….and individuals who have “racketeered” to deprive innocent Rhode Islanders of their Due Process, Civil and Constitutional Rights and to drain their victims financially.

This is a “practice and pattern of abuse that is repeatable yet evades review” because most of the victims of this Racketeering abuse are poor blacks, Hispanics, and poor white uneducated.

Every child taken from a family generates $60,000 per year in Title IV Section E Federal revenue. Every $1 paid in child support generates an equal $1 for the RI Family Court. Every family dragged into family court….is held captive by the Judge, lawyers and profiteers who have turned racketeering abuse into a “statistical” art – and crime.

I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow, Friday, April 2nd.

Thank you, Steven Palange.

RI Supreme Court – Paul Suttell, Erin Lynch Prata & Melissa Long

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Steven Palange
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