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Rhode Island Judiciary Murders Political Opponents in RI Prisons…

I was arrested by four Rhode Island State troopers on April 5th, 2020, only three weeks after the Covid lockdown.

Walking from my car to my condo, four State Police Officers approached me and asked, “Are you, Steven Palange?”. I replied, “Yes.” “Are you the one who posted the video critical of the Rhode Island Supreme Court Chief Justice?”.

I answered yes, but I wish it had been, “You mean the one person responsible for trafficking and abusing more black, Hispanic, Asian, and poor children in Rhode Island than his friends from the New England Mafia? – Yes, I did post that video.”

The FOUR State troopers then informed me I was under arrest for “failure to pay child support.” I looked at all four of them and said, “Are you going to do this? Will you arrest me for posting that video and claiming it is for failure to pay child support?

“Selective Enforcement” – during Covid lockdown. Selective enforcement is illegal. It violates Federal and State statutes and constitutional and Due Process rights. And it is undoubtedly a violation of all State Police officers’ sworn oath to uphold the law and all individuals’ rights.

In summary, we have four Rhode Island State Troopers (grossly underpaid, but that is another issue) who know they are arresting me for a video but are willing to violate their sworn oaths because they were ordered to do so.

I asked, “Are you arresting all the Rhode Island fathers who owe child support? (FYI, I always paid my co-parent her fair share of child support, but I paid it directly to her, not through the State, and because I paid her directly and not through the State (who would take a share of it) in State records, I owed child support.)

Does anyone remember the “accused” child trafficker, child molester, and “accused” pimp to the Rich and Famous? He “supposedly” committed suicide while awaiting trial in federal prison? This was his 5’x5′ roommate who didn’t witness a thing:

If you read this man’s story, he needed a miracle not to spend his life in prison. Miracles do happen.

And in the State of Rhode Island, a prisoner in RI State prison commits suicide while in “solitary confinement” more than twice a year.

The issue is not Solitary Confinement; the question is – are these prisoners committing suicide, or are they being murdered by the prison administration?

What is my evidence? Why do I think innocent Rhode Islanders are being executed outside Due Process and violating everything that makes us humane?

Every year, Rhode Island animal shelters “euthanize” dogs and cats for the good of society. But what if our government elected officials to execute political and economic rivals in State prisons?

~ Steven Palange.

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