Why Barrel Race?

I just signed up to barrel race. I didn’t actually sign up, I more “informed the local barrel racing champion farm that I would be by “as soon as it warmed up” to start my barrel racing Training. They said, “That’s great. And you can start your basic horse-back riding lessons at the same time”. I smiled and said “Absolutely. lets start with the basics.”

I’m all about value and I’m wondering what value I can offer you. And the value is this….I want to share the experience with you. Not as a favor to you….but if you enjoy my stories, my Views…then that will bring me happiness. I’m being selfish. My goal is to Feed my own Happiness by helping you. I think its called living with abundance.

So why barrel racing. Note the lack of the ? That’s not a mistake. It’s more a statement. Why barrel race. Why? (Simon Sinek). Because I want to Live! I want to experience what it was like to be an American Indian on a horse, like a cowboy racing for his life. I simply want to race a horse! I horse that wants to RACE! A young horse. Angry. Competitive. Male or female horse. It doesn’t matter to me. I just want to ride With someone who wants to win, male or female.