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“State of Rhode Island and Family Court Plantations

Plantation Providence, Central Falls and Pawtucket. Slavery exists in Rhode Island. And it’s still the White enslaving the ni**ers….isn’t it Michael B. Forte?

Michael B. Forte, Courtney Hawkins, Gina Raimondo – all conspire in enslaving poor african american males into a lifetime of DHS slavery.

And no one knows better than Courtney Hawkins….who runs the DHS “Department Human Services” in Rhode Island. She is the recipient of Gina Raimondo, Michael Forte, and his 22 Judicial minions who feed him the Title IV Section 5 “slaves” he traps in his criminal “Family Court”.

This is how a stupid City abuses it’s most vulnerable. How Rhode Island enslaves you (young African American from Providence RI, Central Falls, Pawtucket and the rest of the State is much more simple…and insidious.

And here is where this all started for me….

And this was the result of that abuse:

Live! December 9th 2020 Steven Palange’s Oral Argument RI Supreme Court

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