How to Beat the Legal System

Steven Palange you are obviously a very intelligent person. I wish it were so with everyone else. Sara and I are the only 2 people speaking at a national level about the cancer killing the USA—the US legal system. There’s about a 97% chance it will negatively affect any given person. People often mistakenly believe getting struck by the legal system is an “other person’s disease.” They don’t know that the criminals running the cesspool we call our “justice” system—the world’s largest criminal syndicate—can attack anyone at any time. This is a simple concept for people to process in their minds but a difficult one to make them accept, for whatever reason. As experts in our field with 35+ years of combined experience, we try to drill this into the heads of our audience during our national speaking engagements, but most people still react as the metaphorical deer in the headlights. Once the system negatively impacts them, our message will certainly be accepted, but too late, of course.

Criminal Prosecution! Licenses to Practices Revoked, Time Served!

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Steven Palange
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