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Katerina, Blue Eyed Blond Sold by Judge Lanni for $100K

Katrina Palange Sold by R.I. Family Court

And she can do this under the “color of law” and with the collusion of the R.I. State Supreme Court of Appeals.

The lower Courts just tell the Supreme Court what to “Decide” and it makes Abuse of Due Process that much easier and financially lucrative to the Court’s “Family & Friends”.

Katerina Palange sold for just under $100,000….but she was the BEST….Blue Eyed Blond Girl Age 8….gone gone gone….never to be returned to her father or State of Rhode Island or the United States of America….per Judge Sandra Lanni.

That was the deal, $100,000 and Margarita Palange could take the child and flee the State and all it’s corrupt injustice that allowed her to buy my child,

Katerina Palange, D.O.B. 12-11-09. Steven Palange.

Next Up! 1st Circuit Court of Appeals…

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