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A Practice & Pattern of Judicial Abuse of Katerina Palange D.O.B. 12-11-9

When you sit at the Top, you Honor those on their way Up.

My last email to those people defending State Child Abuse for Personal Gain and Profit:

Filed today,

My apologies for the Find/Replace mistake I made yesterday in regards to K.P.
And one of my Statements of Fact is “Honorable Judge Lanni has claimed on multiple occasions (not recorded into transcript) that it was Mr. Forte who was blocking my Visitation with K.P. while his office claimed it was the Judge Lanni’s Order”.

And numerous Motions for Articulation on this and several other “insignificant issues” are yet un articulated…..including “why was my contact with my daughter blocked! I was the 60% primary caretaker for K.P….from the day she was born!

I also question the “policies and practices of how the R.I. Supreme Court Hears cases! The clerks desk is colliding with lower Courts to Abuse Due Process Rights!
And I’m going Prove this is a Practice and Pattern within the State to use official offices under the color of Law to Abuse Due Process Constitutional Civil Rights.

; Long Live the Shriver Center on Poverty Law! and all it’s children…all the State Community Action Programs…like

Best regards,

Steven Palange

and K.P. Pro Se



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Katerina 12-11-09, You and I are 2012-0361 “Anthem”

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