Is He Getting it Done?

I looked over at another man driving his car on route 95 this morning. He was about my age, driving a comparable car. And I thought “I wonder how well he’s “getting it done”. Or, how well is he getting it done?

I don’t know if there is a generally accepted definition of “Getting it Done”, but I’ll bet most men understand what I mean. Getting it done means, (and I can’t simply bullet list these things. Its not so much the Thing…but the Thought behind the Thing matters. That is something I don’t think too many people will understand without me explaining)

In sum, does he make good money, be a great dad, great partner, lover, husband. I looked at this man and wondered “How well is he getting it done…compared to me.” And not just compared to me…compared to other men, but most importantly, against the perfect man. And I have NO interest in exploring that subject right now, the perfect man. For now, to me the perfect man is the man, young or old, who work daily at improving themselves – in all ways – financial, health, family, community.

And that all comes back to me. It is all about US isn’t it? Ahh, us and our children! And when I say Us I mean all of us – anyone and everyone reading these thoughts. How well and “I Getting it Done.” And in sum, pretty damn good. But FAR from what I can see. Beyond my current Vision. Changing who you are isn’t all that easy! The Drunk may be able to SEE himself sober and happy…and know its the right thing to do/be. But GETTING THERE….isn’t all that easy for the drunk and for us to change Who we are.

How well are You “Getting it Done”?



“Don’t Tell Me, Show Me Dad…”

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