I Taught Ex’s BF’s Dad “Tom” Marijuana…

What’s today? Wednesday. I met him last Friday. 11 days ago.

I’ve never walked into a room, looked at a man seated on a couch, see him defeated, tired from life. I know absolutely worn out when I see it. And I’m talking worn out by life. Not even by Life, by his Life.

I’m no savant. And I’m not always correct. But damn it, I know what I see when I see it. And this man is hanging on by a string. Any day a heart attack could drop this man. He doesn’t realize he’s suffering the worst disease to strike a man. It’s not Cancer. It’s not Heart Disease, or any of the Conventional bigs…..

He suffers from Stress. Yah, just stress. But due to Stress he lives in a constant state of tension, he doesn’t exercise because he’s too stressed. He drinks because he’s so stressed. The alcohol makes him overweight. Obesity contributes to a host of diseases. But he only has Stress, so he drinks. Not a lot. But enough.

I write in Pomodoro, 20 min work intervals. Break time…..

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