Abused Father Appeals to RI Senate Judiciary Committee

From: Steven Palange
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2019 9:08 AM

To: sen-lynchprata@rilegislature.gov; sen-archambault@rilegislature.gov
Cc: sen-metts@rilegislature.gov; sen-coyne@rilegislature.gov; sen-delacruz@rilegislature.gov; sen-euer@rilegislature.gov; sen-lombardi@rilegislature.gov; sen-mckenney@rilegislature.gov; sen-raptakis@rilegislature.gov; Slegislation@rilegislature.gov

Subject: Palange v. Palange – RI Family Court Abuse of Due Process

Dear RI Senate Judiciary Committee,

You can read all about the abuse being done to me, my child, my family and the Constitution by accessing the docket for W2012-0361.

You can also read all about it on the following social media pages:

Facebook:           https://www.facebook.com/steven.palangehttps://www.facebook.com/steven.palange

YouTube:             https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GPPuJuyJPmbYE6zP3jXOg?view_as=subscriber

Blog:                      https://stevenpalange.com/

In sum, Sandra Lanni violated the Rules of Domestic Civil Procedure when she approved an Ex Parte Emergency Motion on May 9th based on the attached affidavit.

Since May 9th legal fees for this case total over $80,000. Eighty Thousand Dollars!….for “a missed field trip lunch?” for “being late to 2nd grade?”

This is the same abuse of the Judicial system that happened ten years ago when 13, repeat 13 RI Family Court lawyers were caught paying bribes to Judges. This is the same abuse being done to my daughter for “personal gain and profit” of the RI Family Court – Family & Friends.

I challenge any one of you to FIND the Operative Complaint against me? I’ve demanded via Motion for Clarification of the charges against me. There are none. Yet at 58 years old….its been over a year since I’ve seen my little girl. Sandra Lanni even signed a “No Supervised Visitation Order” against me. Why???

I seek your advice and guidance on how I can work with the Senate Judiciary Committee to not only save myself and my daughter but to bring out into the open the abuse for profit, abuse of the Constitution and stop this abuse of Due Process the Family Court is doing to extract maximum revenue for it’s “Family & Friends” within the “corrupt” RI Family Court.

People! Michael Forte himself was sanctioned for bribing Judges just ten years ago. Do you really think it stopped then?

Nothing about my case is in the “Best Interest of my Child Katerina”. Everything the Court has done is in the Financial Best Interest of all the people who profit from abuse of due process.

I bring this case to you because there is no other oversight! I tried to appeal my case to the RI Supreme Court but they have “colluded” with the Family Court by also violating Due Process.

Please see Case # SU-2019-0125-A or W2012-0361 and you will clearly see my Rights and Due Process are being violated to create billable revenue for the “Friends & Family of RI Family Court”.

I appeal to you but in the meantime hope to find Justice in the appeals Supreme Court and if not in the Federal District Court where I will be filing RICO allegations.


Steven J. Palange

W2012-0361; SU-2019-0125-A


I’m Faster, Smarter, Stronger – Judge Sandra Lanni….

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