LifeSpan Psychiatrist “90 Minute Diagnosis” Loses Man his Daughter….

After waiting over 30 days to see me, knowing I haven’t hugged my little girl in over 8 months….this man gave me a PAI test (pathetically simple to hack) and spoke to me for almost 90 minutes.

Below is his official diagnosis, knowing it could keep my little girl in a domestically dangerous situation. He also knew if he didn’t tell Judge Sandra Lanni of the Corrupt RI Family Court “what she wanted/demanded to hear”…. she would stop sending him $2,000 for one hour’s work.

I want my child back you crook! One hour and you diagnose me “Manic”. I diagnose you “Loser!”….

Steven J. Palange

Wade Myers Mania – No Child!



MGH Crohns Psychologist Calls lifeSpan Dr. Myers a Lier

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Steven Palange
Data Privacy and Human Rights Expert

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