Court Ad Litems Abuse Children for Profit


What you and Lanni are doing is Child Abuse!

You are torturing my little girl so You, Tanya and Wade Myers could extort as much $$$ from me before I go broke!

You know and knew I was never a danger to Katerina. Michael, his brother Eric and his mom and dad are ALL known in Bendersville PA as “the domestic abusers”.

Margaret was raped by her mother’s boyfriends. Just like she’s gong to do to her daughter. Let her boyfriend rape her. And he will. His dad did. His brother did. To their girlfriends. It’s public record!

Using her bf Michael whose whole family molest young women to repeat her past.

All you women were and are more than willing to “sell” my daughter’s “innocence” for $$$ Billable Hours.

Sexually trafficking a little girl so all you Family Court lawyers can make $$$….

From the innocence of a little girl’s purity.


Steven Palange –

Alienated Ex Father of “Chattel” called Katerina.

Merry Xmas Corrupt FI Family Court!

Documenting Judicial Abuse of a Child Named Katerina…

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Steven Palange

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