RI Family Court Psychiatrist Fired!


Please inform Lois I won’t work with Wade Myers. I simply don’t respect him.

And I won’t be “evaluated” by a man who has clearly shown me his lack of Character. I’ve been evaluating him for almost two weeks now. He Failed Miserably!

Lois will say I can’t Fire him. Tell her I can walk from Katerina at any time! And I’m walking from Myers!

Wade Myers is a Stooge for the RI Family Corrupt Court. He was already told by the Ad Litem, Judge Lanni and Fat Michael Forte what his “Evaluation will be”. It will be “keep giving the evaluations we want or lose that $5,000 he gets from captives like me.

I can walk at any time!….and let Michael Garretson continue to abuse my daughter.

He is abusing her! Her mom is covering for him!

And Myers only cares about his $5,000….


Steven Palange

Two Great Fathers Like Me

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Steven Palange

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