Ad Litem Tries to Help…

; in all Truth….I didn’t know about the 2 days but ty for reminding me. I say that sincerely and Honestly. And ; pls don’t get caught up in too much of my Theatrics. Everything I say is TRUE…but Kat is safe, for now. And I spent most of that $50,000 on ; me traveling. I’d do this all over again without question. Plus, I was the one who BROUGHT us to Court! I knew Margaret would File if I Threatened her inheriting that $20M Farm in PA, ; which she will IF Mike marries her. Because the father is close to dead. And Eric the brother will be in Jail soon. 
Would YOU let me get away with scaring your $20 Million Dollar Meal Ticket Away??? Poor Russian girl whose mom had a Questionable job???
I brought us to Court! ; And I am winning. I only care about the Long-Term.
If Katerina lives that long….Alex is dead. Kat will be next. Eric will get to her when they’re alone.
Respectfully, Steven

My Ad-Litem Threatens Me Friday 5:00….

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Steven Palange
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