RI Family Court Lets Man Die, No Contact Daughter….

RI Family Court,


I’m currently on 100mgs of Remicade per my lb of bodyfat. That is the MAXIMUM dosages they will use on “humans”.

And when Remicade stops working…there are other Biologics…..like Cimzia….which I layed in bed Wragling in Agony for a year before discovering it wasn’t working. And then there was Humira….which partly worked for a year and allowed me to leave the house. But then it stopped working and it took another year to discover it stopped working.

And then there is REMICADE….I started at 10mg…then upped to 40mg and now I’m at 100mg. Are there Biologics after Remicade? Yes, but each one takes about a year to find out if it works.

I’m dying people! Please call Dr. Ashwin Ananthakrishnan Boston General Hospital. He’s considered the best Crohns and Remicade expert in the world! He will tell you nicely “Mr. Palange has very serious Crohns and he’s not responding to Remicade. I’m afraid his prognosis isn’t good. And my Philadelphia Doctor will tell you straight “He’s dying, 3-5 years. And it will be Horrible”.

Dr. Ashwin Ananthakrishnan Boston General Hospital P: 617-726-0267

Dr. Jan-Michael Klapproth – PennMedicine P: 215-662-4301

I’m posting this on Steven Palange.com so my daughter knows that her mom, her boyfriend Michael Garretson and his parents “killed me” and to never forgive any of them!

And Go To Hell! RI Family Court! I’m going to raise my daughter remotely from Social Media…..

Abusing Children for $$$$……you people truly are scum of the earth….

And I’m innocent by the way! And I want all my $$$ back!

Steven Palange.img_0054 (1)

Vote Fung for Governor!

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