RI Family Court Stealing Money…

Dear Lawyer,

You shouldn’t be Fired??? No contact with my daughter almost all summer and you shouldn’t be fired?

I reported tat she was being Abused to you. Did you tel the Judge? No. And how about that I haven’t talked to her all summer??? Noooo??? How about the abuse my daughter keeps complaining about, did you tell the Judge??? No.

The last thing I remember is you saying that you the other lawyer and the Judge were discussing my case and the Judge didn’t feel I spent enough $$$ with you and therefore she thinks I need a psych test to get my daughter back. Wasn’t that the meeting you mentioned?

And ; I’m sure you Richard (the other lawyer) and Sandra the Judge think this is all HILARIOUS! I wouldn’t pay you, so now all three of you are gonna keep and Torture my baby until I give you $50,000….???

Isn’t that what was told to me by 8 RI Family Court lawyers? It’s a $Pay to Play Court….

You people are Monsters! Abusing children for $$$….that Court is Crooked and Corrupt!

Respectfully, Steven Palange.

Firing my lawyer to save my Daughter…

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