Firing my lawyer to save my Daughter…


It dawned on me that if I don’t have an attorney the Court can’t help you Fleece me. I love you but the Judge will keep torturing my daughter in hopes I’ll give you more $$$….

Therefore for my daughter’s sake you have to remove yourself from my case. This will tell the Judge there just isn’t a reason to keep my child from me now.

“If don’t have a lawyer the Judge can’t help them steal my money….”.

The Judges are all there to help all their old Friends make as much money as possible.

This isn’t about Justice. It’s about the Family Court using children to steal money from innocent people.

No lawyer no reason to torture my child.

Thank you,

Steven Palange.

RI Family Court 3 Attempts at his Life

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Steven Palange
Data Privacy and Human Rights Expert

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  1. I’ve tried to fire her three times so far. The Judge won’t let her quit my case….she insists they can get $$$ from me.

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