Living Large

BF “boytoy” Pays No Rent to Single Mom but….

Good afternoon Steven,

Attached, please find the notice of deposition from Attorney Updegrove as well as the subpoenas he issued for two police officers to show up at the next hearing date. Since you are not providing your financial statement to him and the court, he is subpoenaing the records from the Keeper of the Records of your company to find out how much money you make so that child support can be calculated.


Thank you. And if you keep working for me….I’ll keep Paying you.

So far Everything has worked out just fine. Exactly as I Wanted! So far….

And I do mean exactly…but nowhere near as good as I ever Dreamed!!!

I Make my life happen…even within the corruption that is Family Court.

I spoke to Katerkna last night via Skyoe. They are abusing the HELL out of her! Emotionally and physically. She begged me to save her!

But thanks to the RI Family Court her mom’s boyfriend gets to keep Abusing her!

She begged me to save her!

Criminal Court.


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