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Note to my Crohns Doctor

RE: Non-Urgent Medical Question

Steven J. Palange
Laryl R Riley, NP
7/26/2018  5:01 PM EDT
I see you are scheduled at 1 pm next week. We can discuss then the further management of your symptoms.

—– Message —–
From: Steven J. Palange
Sent: 7/26/2018 3:52 PM EDT
To: Laryl R Riley, NP
Subject: Non-Urgent Medical Question


In sum I feel Great!

I only feel like throwing up 10-20 times a day, often up to 50 times or more
Exactly my whenever food reaches my stomach. It takes me 2-3 hours every morning to eat.

I look forward to next Friday.

Steven Palange

My Message to the Providence Journal!

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