Gettysburg PA Abstracting & Title Company

Dear Abstracting Company.

Now more than ever I wish to get that “Character/Criminal Research” you will do on me. It was worth the sum I paid for you to clearly establish my Character, good or bad.

There are numerous people who have questioned my Character and my intentions in Adams County. My intentions are the following: to purchase a working fruit farm costing from $1M to $10M. I wish i to have a full time staff of 5-10 employees…and I need Zoning such that I can hire young people from Adams County to work from my converted barn selling computer equipment

People who work for my Computer Consultancy who will make $50K their first year….$100K in their 3rd year…and over $150/yr by year 5! I want 10 people to work from my Farm, in a converted barn, on a working farm. WE will all work at the Consultancy and the Farm…

Those are my intentions. And I will be purchasing Garretson’s Orchard….as soon as I am able.

Thank you,

Steven J. Palange

Documenting my Destiny…

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