Steven Palange Letter to Crohns Doctor June ’18

Dr. Riley,

I’ve lost 10 lbs in the last 30 days. My weight is down from 136lbs to a daily average of 126/127. I’m surviving on about 1,000 calories per day. If I try to eat anything I immediately feel SICK and stop eating. If I force food down (a whole pb sandwich) it will simply come back up in vomit.

The mornings are my biggest problem. I wake up at 6am sweating profusely. My bed is drenched and I have severe body-ache and chills. I wake at 6am so that by 7am I’ve already thrown up and will be ready by 8am to take my daughter to school – when I had my daughter. The State removed her from me 40 days ago citing “Your too Old, Sick and use too much Medication”. You can look at the Court transcripts online. Go to RI Courts.gov and search Palange. You’ll see that the Courts blocked me from seeing my child due to “Abnormal behavior and excessive drug use”. I’m not sure what defines abnormal behavior nor do I know how to define too much drug use – especially when they are referring to marijuana.

So in sum, my most recent symptoms are a fast decline to death. I lost 10lbs in the last 30 days and I’ll lose another 10 in the next 30 days and then I’ll be in Hospice. We also need to discuss my medications during my confinement. I spoke to Doc Boston earlier today who said “You’ll be just fine if you get your daily 6MP and your Remicade infusion on time”. What he didn’t say is “The RI Family Court has the power to Legally KILL YOU.”

He said “If they don’t allow you to take your medicine, most likely you will die if you stay long enough”.

Please document somewhere that you also believe that if the RI Family Courts imprison me and purposely forbid me to take my doctor prescribed 6MP and Remicade that your professional opinion is…..”.

Respectfully, Steven Palange.

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