RockStar Drinker, not a Drunk

Every weekend from Jan 1st 2012 until Dec 31 2017, 5 Years I went out every Friday and Saturday nights with my Daughter and drank at least 6-8 beers. Then I drove home alone for 10 miles with my daughter in the car….

I had to be at least 1.5! on a breathalyzer and my ex knew it all. She never had an issue with this! What is her issue now? And I have all the Bank statements to Prove I drank this much and then drove with a 9 month old in my car…..

But the RI Family Court has an issue with my dying Crohns marijuana use…are you kidding me??? #NoAlcoholOneYear


Fathers & my Daughter…

I haven’t seen her in Two Months! The RI “Family” Court wants my $50K before they give her back.

And let’s remember…10 Days ago if I Died!…Mom got a $1M insurance Policy and a $ Printing Press that prints FUCK YOU MONEY… ; but they’re both gone now…and I am both homeless and penniless.

Oh, I’m also dying of Crohns….some day my daughter will see all this and know…then we will leave Forever…and never come back, ever, KHA…


Gettysburg PA Abstracting & Title Company

Dear Abstracting Company.

Now more than ever I wish to get that “Character/Criminal Research” you will do on me. It was worth the sum I paid for you to clearly establish my Character, good or bad.

There are numerous people who have questioned my Character and my intentions in Adams County. My intentions are the following: to purchase a working fruit farm costing from $1M to $10M. I wish i to have a full time staff of 5-10 employees…and I need Zoning such that I can hire young people from Adams County to work from my converted barn selling computer equipment

People who work for my Computer Consultancy who will make $50K their first year….$100K in their 3rd year…and over $150/yr by year 5! I want 10 people to work from my Farm, in a converted barn, on a working farm. WE will all work at the Consultancy and the Farm…

Those are my intentions. And I will be purchasing Garretson’s Orchard….as soon as I am able.

Thank you,

Steven J. Palange


Documenting my Destiny…

Dear My Laeyer,

My answers are to Ms. Palange %{*{={%{%]*{^{%{*{^#%{++^

Do you understand? The rest of my words are down below…

Full Custody. Full Placement. Full Legal Costs. Or I’ll walk away from my child…till she runs away.


Full Custody. Full Placement. Full Legal Costs.

Or say Hello to another 16 yo Pole Swinger in PA! So pls respectfully show the Court MY ANSWER.

I’ll get that Financial Form done asap. I won’t be able to make be next Court appearance. MAKE SURE WE INFORM THEM OF THIS ASAP…or is this another decision YOU will make for my crying daughter??? Let them know NOW…we’ll meet when I’m better. When I’m back from Europe in Nov maybe…

And please note:

My daughter cries to me every night with Mom and the bf holding up the middle finger in the background in my Skypes every night.


I Demand Nothing but “figurative” FU FU FU to all and everything – my Ex, Tell them “it’s my way or welcome to years of Hell…and legal Bills.”

My daughter is crying every night with them in the video. FK Everyone. I’m not making my baby Cry every night while they dance in the background!

I’m walking away from my child as of today for her own best interest. They are using my Skypes to make her cry in front of me while they FINGER me off in the background.

Years and I will never ever settle. The Judge won’t have to take her from me. I’ll just auto my checks and Disaplear….till Kat runs away at 14….

My daughter is being abused in that house. I won’t let a Family Court decide that for me! And I won’t be Blackmailed!

Steven J. Palange.