DM’d my ex’s bf…

Btw, you really should ask me to lunch some day. To make sure what happened doesn’t happen again.

Hating me is irrelevant. Taking care of the Girls is all that matters.

Are they Our girls or My girls?

I’m available any time.


I Averted My Eyes from a Man…

An older man with a young boy just walked by….the man was in his 40’s or 50’s…the boy 10-12. I looked briefly, saw poverty, then averted my eyes.

The man was poor. I know what it’s like to be poor. I felt bad for him. I felt bad for the boy. I’m not poor now. I don’t want to be poor again. Ever. I’m getting back to work now…

And now I’m working scared….

“Whatever it takes.

….I’ll do the Work”.


Why Hire a Man Who Hates Children for an Arcade?


I just watched a man at your front be RUDE to a 8 yo girl trying to purchase a game card.

I watched him be Rude to her before he came to the desk (by ignoring her) then his Countenance made it CLEAR to her that she was an ANNOYANCE…he watched me watch all this. He was Aware I was watching. He made it CLEAR TO ME he didn’t give a #*%##.

He was Rude to a little girl. I told your breakfast staff and all 10 came over to tell me he’s RUDE TO EVERYONE. All your staff hates him.

This isn’t my issue. He treated my little girl like garbage. I’m even now.

Steven Palange.