My Note to My Daughter’s Teacher…

😉 lol,

I LOVED my reply to you. It was ALL me.

Kat has to maintain a B to ; B- average in school and I’m FINE w that. A C+ and the world ends until MY WORLD (Bs) is back in Place.

But beyond that….I have Plans for Kat! I can Work Anywhere in the World I want! China. Russia. France. Istanbul. Japan.

I need Kat to EXCEL in MY WORLD….the world of People….but I also insist on a solid “B” for K-12 education and at minimum a 4 yr degree in a Vocation, like Teaching or Accounting like mom.

I’ll take care of the WORLD part…just need you to help me keep her on the B part of my World.

Steven Palange, Katerina’s Father.

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