How to make a call….



😉 I now take every caller who calls my phones….work and personal. Most of the time they are Salespeople…..sometimes GOOD, sometimes BAD….

This one was Good! In the first 3 seconds she explained why she’s calling (I filled out an online form for something free) and in the FIRST THREE SECONDS….I knew that…..

  1. She was Professional. I was SOOO glad she wasn’t unprofessional, couldn’t speak properly, etc.
  2. She told me WHY she was calling – and I had no interest.
  3. She politely and IMMEDIATELY agreed to DNC me, but then ; ) pushed a little by “asking” (again, professional) if she could send me some information via email (an ad for her and her company).

We thanked each other. Hung up. I was Happy. She didn’t make a sale or even has a chance at a Prospect….but she handled it Professionally, Quickly and Smoothly!!!

I went away happy. She went away happy. She’ll make 10 calls like this. Hopefully the will all go this way. On her 10th call!!! Someone will be VERY glad she called! Wished she had called WEEKS ago….

But she had to call those 9…to find that 1….


Subject: Los Angeles Film School

Hi Steven,

I wanted to follow up on your interest in the Los Angeles Film School online degrees. When were you trying to get started?

AMANDA GARCIA | Online Admissions Representative | Online Admissions

The Los Angeles Film School | 6363 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028

323.769.2859  |  F 323.372.3654 | lafilm.edu

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