Insecurity as Motivation…

Insecurity is a Baddd…motivation. If your motivation is , you grew up poor…. you have a Trade job….not tall as you Think you should be….I can list hundreds. Preventing insecurity is like trying to keep the cold from blowing under windows.

All I can say is What is Your Insecurity and what Bad life choices has it let You to make. And what about Todays’s insecurities? How do They dictate your behavior and choices on life?

I’m going to do an audit of all of what makes me, me. And if I find (lol, When I find my Life warped by an insecurity…not If), an insecurity I’m gonna to analyze it. Find out how to make it work for Me.

I have them. Now I’m going to go hunt them out. And kill them.

I Bench Press 315lbs…often…

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Steven Palange
Data Privacy and Human Rights Expert

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