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A long time ago someone gave me a book that probably saved my life. But that is another story. Today I found the book I didn’t know I was looking for. I started buying books aggressively about six weeks ago. I recently went back to work and saw things I thought I could make better. So I started buying books. Lots. Ebooks, Kindle, paperbacks too, often one of each, paperback and kindle. I’d read the paperback with a pen devouring sentences, thoughts and ideas. I’d have my kindle next to me open, next to the paperback edition on the Kindle. I’d also have either the author on YouTube or Audible. Sometimes I’d mix up the books but keep the author the same. And I don’t read without a paper notebook next to me. High quality. Soft leather. I make pages and pages of notes per book. Sometimes up to 20 pages of notes, thoughts, ideas, todos.

I spent over $1,500 dollars on books and audios in the last six weeks. I’m talking $12 to $15 ebooks. $15 Audiobooks. Thank God YouTube is free. I also use http://www.medium.com and http://www.thriveglobal.com

And I’ve been skimming, memorizing, devouring, speed reading, laying down NASA developed Accelerated Learning (its on Udemy.com. Go show some initiative. I’m not going to coddle you here). So blah blah blah….and yes, I’m learning a lot. Whatever.

But tonight I found the book I never knew I was looking for. And let me share with you how I found it. I saw an author in my Kindle who helped me out a few years ago (yes, I reach out to authors, writers, whatever. And so should you!). So, I see him and say “Damnit. I’m gong to track him down and Thank Him”. Just a post somewhere. So I Googled him. Again, to thank him for helping me. To give him the Gift of having helped me.

And I found him on YouTube. I clicked on the link and he started talking. And then he said something about a man HE learned everything from. Whoa….my author John was Good. And he says this other guy is HIS God? I clicked on the link. And he was good. He wasn’t great. The vids were dated. But I recognized a kindred soul. So I checked Amazon. And it has books by him. Lots of them. And they look CHEESY…Dime Store trash. On the outside….

And then I started reading…. 🙂 and then the numbers started falling like rain. Thanks to some mental models and quick number analysis I estimated by page 20 that this man, his books were going to increase each of my employees commissions (we are all salespeople – Oh, and it is NOT a sales book) by $10,000 to $20,000 in 2018.

That one book. Why that one? Because it’s the One “I” needed. That magic won’t work for you. Yes, his books are Good. Great even. But it’s MY book. It applies to ME and MY company and MY people Now. You have to go find your own Book. It’s not this one. I’m sorry.

Trust me! I know how bad you want to find that book. I’m being emotional now. I prefer to offer Value with a Stick. But you don’t need a Whack. You need advice. Thoughts. Ideas. Direction. An action plan. You need People! Fk Books. Connect w people. I’m sorry. I digress. And 😉 I’m back to my comfort zone. Tough love.

In six weeks I reade over 50, 100 books? Articles, Essays, Studies, Classes (Udemy) and spent over $1,500. :/ Probably more like $3,000.

By the way, I’m currently studying a man who finished 33 MIT courses in 13 months. He did it with a variety of accelerated learning models. He Hacked Learning.

I don’t care. I found a book tonight that just put $10-$20K per each of my employees pockets. That’s my job. That’s what they pay me to do.

I spent $3,000 like a drunken sailor in the last six weeks on Amazon, for paperbacks, ebooks, Online courses and more.

But I found that One Damned Book I was Looking for! And that is gong to make a Huge difference in my life going forward.

This is a first draft. I hate proofreading. I’m sorry for being a lazy writer. But I got a lot of shit to Read, Learn, Internalize.

Go find your Book. The one you need Now. Don’t care how you get it. And yes I’m talking to you. Oh, and don’t forget. Connect with other people. As much as possible. Ask questions. Be sincere.

And find that damn book! It’s your job. You are the boss of you. DO your damn job and go find THAT book that You need now…

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  1. Great post. May I ask the title of the book that someone gave you a long time ago that you feel probably saved your life. Thank you.

    1. “To the Top” by Zig Ziegler.

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