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I live like a male lion. I have a Pride. A family of females who take care of me. I don’t work. I spend my days working out, eating, reading, writing, and my greatest passion outside of my daughter, I explore. Mostly on my motorcycle. Already did all of New England. Been there. Done that. By motorcycle. On my way to Explore NYC. ALL of it. Manhattan. Brooklyn. Bronx and Queens. By motorcycle. In detail. I live like a male Lion.

One of my Pride raises our child with me. One hunts for me. She feeds me. One cleans my den, my house. One grooms me to make sure my fur looks good. One massages me, every seven days, for 90 minutes, minimum. One occasionally watches my cub for me, for me and her mother. One is a Mother, one a COO of my Company, my Cleaner, my Stylist, my Masseuse, and there are many more.

I have one job. Protect my Pride. That’s my one reason for being. Protection. I take Care of MY Pride. Thats my job. If I don’t protect Them, they can’t protect me. How do I protect them? I take care of them. I reach out often. Make sure they are all happy. Repeat, I make sure they are all Happy. Do I need to explain this? The big protects aren’t enough. A true lion protects his Pride in all ways.

What are the big protects? Fighting. It’s simply fighting. They expect me to Fight when necessary. I do it well. Sometimes I fight other male lions. Sometimes I Lead through difficult times. Leadership is Everything. How well do I protect?

I own a company. One of my Pride runs it for me. This company feeds Me, and the rest of my Pride. No company. No Pride. My females flee to other males. So I protect my Pride by protecting my company. Keep in mind, its one of my Pride that protects my company 99.9% of the time. But its that .01% when it requires a Male Lion. That’s my job.

Most of the time this male lions sits around doing nothing. But every so often, every five years of so someone threatens my Pride. Tries to take it from me. Tries to Steal what is mine. Thats when I reach out to one of my fellow male lions. He specializes in Fighting. I tell my male lion friend how much PAIN to inflict. I don’t ask him to Win in court, on the plain. I ask him to simply Injure my opponent.

He could kill my opponent if he wanted. He could win easily. Quickly. If I wanted him to. We could easily win in Court and the threat is dead. But I don’t want to Kill anyone. True, they threatened my Pride. But vanquishment isn’t enough. If I simply beat this one, another one will soon, too soon, appear.

I work with my lawyer lion to inflict just enough pain to make the other lion, the one threatening my Pride, to suffer. Suffer LONG. Suffer Painfully. I tell him to “Go for Personal Bankruptsy. Skip Ch. 11. Ch. 7 bankruptcy. Get the Personal and you get the both. And my male lion lawyer fighter is Good. I teach him all the tricks….and he fights, for me.

Very few of my female lionesses can do this. This is Blood Sport. It comes as a part of being Male. Men understand. Why so cruel to my opponent? One, I didn’t start the fight. I’m happy with my Pride. HE tried to take what is mine. My job is to protect my Pride. I do that well. Few male lions challenge me or my pride.

And you want to know the Beauty of my job, my life? Its that even when I have to actually DO something When I have to Actually Work. Its my lionesses who Still do most of the work. My females are smart. All of them. They all bring unique strengths to the Pride. Its My Job to bring the best out of each. To see that each of them contribute to the Pride equally, in their own ways. And the beauty of this is….even in the Fights, they do most of the fighting. I turn to my Two Wisest lionesses. My two oldest, wisest. And the ones who have the most to lose. THEY are Motivated. They advise me well on how to defeat this Threat. Indirectly they advise my male lawyer lion.

I live a Good Life. Like in the picture above. I take care of my Pride, and in return they take care of me. I lead the life of a male lion.







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