A World of Women…


My life and my world is all women. All about women, and involves almost all women. And thats a good thing. I think. My ex is a woman. My daughter is a girl. A Small woman. My Operations Manager who pretty much runs my company for me is a woman.

My daughter’s teacher is a woman. And this is NOT insignificant. I speak or communicate with her at least every few weeks. She’s not a man. She’s a woman. She SEEs things like a woman. Thinks like a woman. I have to interact with her, as a woman.

Even my weight lifting / body building coach was a woman. It was her husband…but I found him TOO much Man. Didn’t like that. I’m Used to women. They’re softer. More gentle. Prettier. Less Dik. Pun intended.

I interact ALL Day, every Day with women. My daughter, my ex, my Ops Mgr, Kat’s teacher, even the women who run the front desk at my daughter’s school, women. Women women women. Oh, and my girlfriend is a woman.

My life and my world is all women. And that’s a good thing. A damn good thing. I Like my life, my world, my women.

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